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Ringke Mobile News for August Covered by Ringke

1. LG Eletronics Launches “Q6”

1LG Q6 / Source : LG Mobile Global Youtube

The release date of LG’s smartphone Q6 have been announced.

The release date is 2nd day of August, and Q6‘s stock is set at 419,100 won in South Korea.

Q6 is a premium smartphone equipped with LG’s full-vision display, and it is a smartphone that boasts strong durability, including mil specification certification.


2. LG Electronic Launches “Q8” in Europe

2LG Q8 / Source: LG Newsroom

LG Electronics started selling the smartphone Q8 in Europe.

Q8‘ is the same product as ‘V34’, which was released by LG in Japan. Q8 not only features 5.2 inch display, but also features water and dust proof.

Q8 is designed to resemble the V20, which has been loved for its unparalleled audio performance, and is expected to be loved by people who are sensitive to audio performance.

Q8 is scheduled to be released in mid-August in South Korea, and the price is expected to be around 700,000 won.


3. Huawei, First Half Earnings Announcement

3Huawei Global Homepage


Huawei has surprised the world with its remarkably improved performance.

Huawei, which has shipped 73.1 million smartphones in the first half of this year, is breaking the prejudice of “Chinese-made = low-priced” by significantly increasing premium smartphone shipments such as ‘mate’ and ‘honor’. Especially, Huawei increased the market share in Europe, and became the third place (9.8%) of global smartphone market share.

With aggressive R&D investment and aggressive pricing policy, industry attention is focused on how long Huawei will continue to shake up the global smartphone market.


4. Galaxy S8 Official Active Rendering Image


45S8 Active Official Rendering Image


Samsung Electronics ‘Galaxy S8 Active’ was released.

The Active Series is intended for consumers who want to use their smartphones in extreme environments such as the outdoors while keeping the high-end of the Galaxy S series intact.

In addition to being designed to be shock-resistant due to adopting flat display instead of edge display, it is equipped with a large capacity battery (4,000mAh) to maximize the use time of smartphone.

Galaxy S8 Active‘ will be released via AT&T, a US carrier, and it is unclear whether it will be released in the domestic market.


5. Samsung Eletronics Holds No.1 Market Share in India


6Samsung Electronics / Source:


Samsung Electronics secured a 24% share of the market and ranked first in India’s smartphone market share.

According to market research institute Counterpoint Research, Samsung Electronics ranked first in the Indian market with 24.1%, followed by Xiaomi (15.5% market share), Oppo (12.7% market share) 9.6% market share). Lenovo (6.8% market share) was followed by 5th.

The Indian smartphone market is showing great potential, with average sales prices growing by over 10% each year.

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