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Essential Items for Summer Trip! Ringke Pouch! / Vacation Preparation

You have worked HARD…

Get ready to leave and enjoy your summer vacation!

Full-scale summer vacation season is approaching and many people are planning on fun trips this year.

When people spend a good time in their vacation, they often make mistakes forgetting their precious things, such as battery charging, earphone and etc.

Why not enjoy your vacation and build good memories without worrying about losing your belongings?

Let me introduce Ringke pouch!


Faithful to the Basics

Attractive Design




Ringke Pouch is a portable bag that stands out as a ‘simple design that is faithful to the basic’.

The simple design and the front coated mesh fabric make the Ringke pouch even more attractive.

Using water-resistant and durable coated mesh fabric not only improves the design’s completeness but also adds the advantage of checking the contents without opening the bag.

The more you use it, the higher the quality you feel, the better the satisfaction!


Optimized Inside Pocket

Usability UP




The biggest advantage of the Ringke Pouch is the highly utilizable inner pocket.

Up to six internal pockets (M size, S size 3) are responsible for the safety of your belongings without shaking.

From spare batteries to external hard drives, mouse, earphones, chargers and memory cards, it boasts plenty of space.

The bottom has a delicate design, which has a 5mm foam lining material that reduces impact.

From digital devices to precious accessories, take your Ringke pouch with you!




Various Configurations

Find the perfect Ringke Pouch!




Ringke Pouch offers 3 different colors, which includes Lime Green, Navy and Silver with 2 different sizes, Small and Medium.

If you are planning to go on a short and simple, but romantic trip, small size is perfect for you!

Looking for long and relaxing trip? go for the medium!

I hope that you enjoy this vacation with Ringke pouch kit without losing your belongings.

Go check it out now!


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