Ringke 10 Mobile News – New Google Pixel 2017, Samsung 8GB HBM2 D RAM, etc

1. Google, Pixel XL 2017 Outflow Design

1Pixel XL 2017 / source :

The design of Google Pixel XL 2017 has been leaked.

The Pixel 2017 produced by LG is equipped with a display that is very similar to the G6, and it looks more refined and modern in harmony with the two-tone back design that was well received by Pixel in 2016.

The release date is not disclosed, but it is expected to be released on August of this year.


2. Unveiled of LG Q62

LG Q6 / source: LG Newsroom

LG finally unveiled the new Q series lineup, LG Q6.

LG Q6 is equipped with a 5.5 “full-vision display, and it comes in two models, Q6 (32GB) and Q6 Plus (64GB), depending on the capacity.

A clear display and stylish design using aluminum (AL7000 series) are one of LG’s advantage, but it is unclear whether it is commercial success with a low spec (Snapdragon 435) and with a higher price.


3. Launched of Galaxy A7 2017

3Galaxy A7 2017 / Source : Samsung Electronic Homepage

SK Telecom has launched the Galaxy A7 2017.

Among the Galaxy A 2017 series, Galaxy A7 2017 is the largest size and has been released earlier of this year.

Galaxy A7 2017 not only has a 5.7-inch full HD display, but also has dustproof, waterproof and Samsung Fay.


4. Moto Z2 Play (2nd), Pre-Order Starts in UK

4Moto Z2 Play / source : Motorola Home Page

Moto Z2 Play, which was released on May 2017,  launched in the UK and pre-order has been started.

Moto Z2 Play has attracted the attention of the industry as a smartphone with a separate module on the back.

Z2 Play has a similar concept to the LG G5, and is evaluated that it has raised the scalability of the smartphone even further.

UK sales price is 379 euros, and the shipping will start on July 14th.


5. Uncertainty of Hynix, Toshiba Semiconductor Acquisition

The acquisition of the Toshiba semiconductor division by the US-Japan Alliance, including SK Hynix, has become unclear as US court filed an application for disposition of Toshiba semiconductor division dismissed by WD (Western Digital).

The expected completion of the acquisition in July is now virtually impossible, and the outcome of the trial may change the subject of the acquisition.

SK Hynix plans were to take over Toshiba and reorganize the DRAM-focused business portfolio, but those plans are expected to be difficult due to a minor setback


6. Galaxy Note 8 & LG V30 Confirmed the Release Date

5Expected Design for Galaxy Note 8  / source :


The release date of Galaxy Note 8 and V30 has been confirmed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be unveiled in New York on August 23 and LG’s premium smartphone V30 will be unveiled on August 31 in Berlin, Germany.


7. Spec Exposure of LG V30

6LG Electronics V30 Public Events Invitation


Some of the LG Electronics premium smartphone V30’s specifications have been announced.

“IFA 2017 (Europe’s largest audio video (AV) show in Berlin, Germany)”

The V30, which will be released just before the opening day, is armed with stronger specifications.


▶ AP : Snapdragon 835

▶ Display: 6.2 inch Full Vision Display (2880 X 1440)

▶ Battery 3200mAh

▶ IP68 WaterproofㆍDustproof


8. Release of Forbes iPhone 8 Final Design

7Expected iPhone 8 Design / source

Forbes created an exclusive image of the iPhone 8 based on the CAD files from China

The iPhone 8, which is expected to undergo a lot of changes, has adopted sharp front design with reduced bezel, and 5.8 inch display with A11 chipset are expected to be installed.

The release date of iPhone 8 is expected to be on mid-September

For more leaked images, please click the links below.

iPhone 8 Exclusive: Apple’s New Design ‘Confirmed’

New iPhone 8 images confirm Apple’s biggest design changes…


9. English Service for Samsung Bixby

8Samsung Electronics Global Home Page

The English service of Samsung Electronics’ artificial intelligence Bixby officially began on July 19th.

Galaxy S8 and Bixby were released to the world at the same time, but Bixby was criticized for its inadequate initial maturity, but the performance is gradually improving.

Users are increasingly interested in upgrading the usability of Bixby with this English service.


10. Samsung “8GB HBM2 D RAM” Mass Production Expansion

98GB HBM2 D RAM/ Source : Samsung Semiconductor Story

Samsung Electronics came up with premium D RAM.

Samsung Electronics has expanded the mass production of “8GB HBM2 D RAM”, (Premium DRAM.) and D RAM is 8 times faster for transfer rate (256GB per second) than “conventional graphic D RAM”.

Also, this high performance D RAM is also used in supercomputer.

As the demand for high-performance memory rapidly increases due to the development of artificial intelligence and the activation of bitcoin, this mass production decision is expected to further strengthen Samsung’s D RAM solution system.

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