Ringke Case Review

Convenient Mobile Life – Ringke Slot Card Holder Adhesive Card Sleeve



Slim and easy to hold!

Ringke Slot

In recent years, there are few cards that are essential for everyday life, and a lot of workers who walk the streets with smartphones.

Even though smartphone provides convenience tools for us and wallet gives us safety, a lot of people complain about inconvenience of smartphone and wallet due to thickness of size and heavy weight.

Is there a slim case that can carry only two cards that are absolutely necessary?

Today, Ringke introduces ‘Ringke Slot Card Holder


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Ringke Slot is an easy card wallet case that can be attached to the smartphone.

The Rinke slot, which boasts a thickness of less than 5mm, maintains a slim design without increasing the thickness even when the card is inserted.

Unlike other products that are made of leather or fabric, Ringke Slot case is made of high-strength PC material and has excellent durability.


The Ringke Slot provides safe line technology that can hold cards securely and dual design allows you to use your card more conveniently and safely.

Moreover, Ringke’s tough 3M adhesive offers easy installation and can be removed without a mark!


The Pastel Colored Feast

Ringke Slot Card Holder is available in five colors,

“Peach Pink”, “Sky Blue”, “Yellow”, “White” and “Black”.

Rinke Slot will help you feel refreshed in soft pastel colors.

feel amused by using Ringke Slot Card Holder!


Beginning of Convenient Mobile Life

Rinke Slot Card Holder

Why not enjoy a simple mobile life without thick wallet?

Whether you are in the subway or cafe, come along with Rinke Slots, Ringke Slot offers immediate and ideal access to your single main debit, business, phone, credit or ID card while on the go!


>>>Shop Ringke Slot Card Holder<<<amazon1
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