Ringke Mobile News / Galaxy Note FE

1. Release of Samsung Galaxy Note FE

11Samsung Galaxy Note FE / Source: Samsung Electronic Home Page

Galaxy Note FE was launched in South Korea on July 7th.

The factory price is 699,600 won, which is slightly higher, but FE is well appreciated by differentiating it from the existing Note 7, especially with Samsung’s artificial intelligence Bixby.

The popularity of Galaxy Note FE is hotter than expected in Korea. Three colors of Galaxy Note FE, Black Onyx, Blue Coral and Gold Platinum, are already out of stock in some stores.

Galaxy Note FE, which will be sold exclusively for 400,000 in Korea, is expected to be discontinued when all the limited quantity is sold.


2. Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 launches in Korea

22Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 / Source: Samsung Electronic Home Page

Samsung’s entry-level smartphone, the J Series 2017 is launched in South Korea.

The J5 2017 is a medium-sized smartphone with a 5.2-inch display.  The performance is not as good as other smartphone, but this new J5 2017 offers beautiful metallic design with good battery performance to support the samsung fay.

Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 offers 3 different colors, which includes Black, Blue Silver and Pink.

The price is around 344,300 won


3. Vivo X9s / X9s Plus


The third brand of smartphone in China, ‘Vivo’ has released a new smartphone.

Vivo released the price at 2,998 yuan, and this smartphone features a front dual camera, which has 20 megapixels + 5 megapixels.

Vivo, an affiliate of BBK group, which ranked No.1 in the domestic market for smartphones, features an outward design that resembles apple iphone. (Also remember Oneplus 5?) Regardless of commercial success,  Vivo might not get rid of a stigma called iPhone copycat.


4. June 2017, “S8”, “G6”, iPhone 7” Sales Trend in the US Market

44Galaxy S8 / LG G6 / iPhone 7 Plus / Source: Samsung Electronics / LG Electronics / Apple Korea Home page

“Galaxy S8”

The performance of the Galaxy S8 was brilliant in United States.

Samsung has maintained the high sales volume with successful launch of the Galaxy S8. However, Galaxy S7 sales volume fell sharply at the same time.

According to Galaxy S8 analysis, T-Mobile has played a big role in the ‘buy one get one deal’ promotion on last May.

“LG G6”

LG G6 failed to raise sales volume due to local marketing failure.

Consumers’ reactions were very positive on LG G6’s high durability and innovative displays, but there was no definitive ‘one-shot’ to link it to sales.

Some media have defined the sales volume of the G6 as the word “a flop.”

“Apple iPhone 7”

The sales of iPhone 7 in the United States have increased as the prospect of a delay in release of iPhone 8.

Since Galaxy S8 launches, the market share that has been falling has rebounded in June.

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