Ringke Case Review

Ringke Flip Instead of Thick Wallet! / Card Storage / Flip Card Holder Case


The weather is getting hotter and it’s getting more and more annoying to carry both wallet and smartphone, especially when you need only 2 things, credit card and a driver license.

Ringke Flip Card Holder is here to solve that problem!

Meet the Ringke Flip! Slim card wallet for easy pasting!


Ringke Flip is a Card Holder that is attachable on smartphone.

The slim 4.6mm flip gives you a sense of unity with your smartphone without clutter.

Ringke has been making mobile accessories for over 10 years, and finally showing off a new flip card holder with slim yet high durability


3 Credit cards, 2 business cards, 2 bills at once!


The unique advantage of the Ringke flip card holder is the high storage capacity to replace your wallet.

This Ringke flip card holder provides the convenience of putting your wallet in its entirety.

Moreover, Ringke Flip card holder gives magnetic buckle that can open and close the wallet, and it gives improved hand touch texture with silicone finish makes slip-resistant.

Feel it now through Ringke Flip!


Add Standing Function, Upgrade your Life!


The stability of the stand-mount function is also an essential feature of the Ringke Flip.

If you open the magnet buckle and slightly lay it back, you can conveniently use your smartphone and this stand-by feature can be used anytime and anywhere.

Ringke flip card holder can be fit in almost every device, such as Apple, Android, Samsung Galaxy, LG, Google, etc. However, this card holder might be little big for Apple iPhone 5S/ SE/ 5C,

Ringke Flip Card Holder offers 4 different colors, which includes

Navy, Green Blue, Gray and Red.

You can either buy a case and attach the flip card holder on the back of your case, or you can simply attach the flip card on the back side of your device.

Don’y worry!  Ringke has a tough 3M adhesive that secure the device with a clear finish and it can be removed without leaving a sticky residue.

Give it a try!


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