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Apple Store opens in Taiwan



Finally, the Apple Store opens in Taipei 101 tower in Taiwan.

According to Apple, an art event will be held on the opening day of July 1st with a huge paper tree as a mediator. Taipei 101 is known as the tallest financial building in Taipei, Taiwan, and offers many restaurants, office, and shopping center.

Taipei 101 Apple Store is expected to make major changes to Apple’s Taiwanese AS policy in the future.


Huawei Smartphone Sales Prohibition Crisis in UK


The UK high court of wales made an announcement that Huawei has been violated infringement of the standard patent, and requires to pay the royalties, otherwise Huawei sales will be banned from UK.

Huawei has accepted the verdict of patent payment to avoid the ban. However, the British court is taking unusual steps on this case, and it’s still under process.

As a result of the lawsuit filed by US patent management specialist Unwired Planet (UPI), it seems like Huawei is losing sales.

Huawei ranked 3rd place in UK smartphone market share, and now that Huawei is suffering from High Court issue,  Samsung and Sony are taking advantage from it and focusing more sales in Europe.


OnePlus 5 Released


OnePlus5, the latest model of OnePlus, which is famous for high caustic ratio and excellent battery performance, has been finally released.

The OnePlus 5 become controversial overseas because of a similar design to the iPhone7 Plus, but then the performance is pretty good. Oneplus 5 powered by snapdragon 835 with 5.5 AMOLED FHD display. Moreover, Oneplus 5 has dual 12MP camera, which features two lenses of impressive megapixel.

The selling price for Oneplus 5 is $480 (64GB) and $540 (128GB).


Galaxy Note 8 Release Date Rumors


The rumor of the release date for Galaxy Note 8 in August is actually confirmed, and It is now likely to be open to the public on August 26 in New York.

Additionally, the Galaxy Note FE is likely to be launched on July 7.


Green Light Signal for Blackberry KEYone Sales in Europe


BlackBerry KEYone’s liquid crystal display separation has been exposed in many places and made quality questionable. Some users are aware of this issue enough to create and run a site called “Crackberry” (

Even though KEYone is suffering from quality issues, sales of Blackberry KEYone are in full swing.

KEYone, which has finished releasing major advanced countries such as Canada and USA, started to sell in other European countries such as Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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