Smartphone Review

Blackberry KEYone Design Review

Resurrection of BlackBerry?

Blackberry stop making smartphones for a while, and finally come up with gorgeous KEYone on year of 2017. Those of you who haven’t heard, Blackberry Keyone is not actually made by Blackberry. The company signed an agreement with China TCL (Chinese Electronics Company) of using Blackberry brand, so the KEYone is actually made by TCL, not Blackberry. 

Following the launch in the U.S in late May, KEYone, scheduled to be sold in Europe and other parts of Romania, and is receiving a great love from the enthusiast and is settling into the market.

Since consumer reactions are hot, delivery started being delayed due to too many orders.

KEYone’s high popularity is expected to continue for a while since consumers are obsessed with consistent performance and differentiated Qwerty Keyboards of KEYone. I’m thinking about getting one for myself since I’m a huge fan of typing physical keyboard.

Alive Accents with Great Design

The key attraction of KEYone is the luxurious design that was made from the combination of a solid aluminum frame and artificial leather.

Additionally, KEYONE has inherited classic design which was the main advantage of the existing BlackBerry smartphone. The lower body board has the advantage of being pressed with a light feeling, and because of the whole back of the skin is made with artificial leather, the grip feels exceedingly good.

At the same time, I wanna point out some of the disadvantages of KEYone.

First of all, 4.5-inch display feels little small compare to other smartphones and the size has a bit of thickness with a heavy weight. Moreover, KEYone only offers ONE color and does not have a water resistant. But it’s a smartphone that’s generally stylish and cool.


USB-C type and 3.5-pie earphone jack are located at the bottom and top whereas the volume control button and a “Convenience Key” is located on the side

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