Ringke Case Review

Ringke iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Case Review

There are already many cases on the market and keep in mind some clear cases seem misguidedly similar but they compromise protection in exchange for prettily printed patterns or designs, which we’ve noted.


If you’re looking for a non-removable design stuck forever on your case (or at least until it wears off), this might not be the best fit for you but if you prefer a less committed way to accessorize and show off your iPhone (plus proven impact protection), then it’s time to give the Ringke Fusion x Deco case package an in-depth look.

Let’s start with the goodies first that arrive together in the combo package.


This case is the Ringke Fusion clear case that many people might already be familiar with but if you aren’t here’s the quick breakdown:

  • Fused TPU (Soft thermoplastic polyurethane) bumper + PC (Hard polycarbonate) back for a combination of drop protection whether the phone falls accidentally on its front, side, back, or any of its corners
  • Lifted bezels for the front screen keep it tucked well away from flat surfaces to diminish screen-to-surface contact or abrasions
  • Certified MIL-STD 810G – 516.6 (Military Grade Drop Test Approval) with survival conditions of dropped 26 times from a height of 48 inches without damage to the touch screen
  • The entire case is clear, clear, (super) clear – need I say more? This package comes with the clear bumper case but the Ringke Fusion case is also available in more bumper styles sold separately if you want to try a touch of color with the Smoke Black, Rose Gold, or Ink Black cases all with the same clear back and protective quality.


Now that we covered the case, let’s go straight to the fun: This package comes packed with TWO ready-to-go designs called DECO that slip inside your case to switch up the look of your iPhone. Paired with these patterns, the case looks great with any iPhone color you might own. As a bonus, the DECO pattern films can even be used to customize on almost any material but I’ll have to share that with you in another post.

Let’s take a detailed look at the two patterns Ringke chose for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus:


The Ringke Fusion X Deco comes with two pretty bohemian lace and flower patterns imprinted on clear and supple PET plastic that doesn’t scratch or tear for long lasting color.

Following the rising trend for this summer, the gypset style is on point for each DECO pattern and reminds me of sunny wanderings with just the right look of boho chic. To me, these make me want to be inspired to go outside paired with my sundress and hat taking in the free moments of the day. Even the names are fitting for such an occasion: White Mandala Flower and Pink Bohemian Lace.


If you’re less of a lace and more of a photo person you can still decorate the case and be confident it’s not too delicate to protect your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. Whether you want to look at mini photos of your friends, family, dog (or cat, even bunnies – I personally love buns) or memories captured in cute mini polaroid pictures, the Ringke Fusion case lets you carry those moments in clear sight without compromising any protection in case of unexpected drops.


Conclusion: This case is serious about drop protection but knows how to accessorize without trying too hard or limit to one look. Adding confidence in carrying your iPhone is a win by itself with corner to corner Military Grade protection, but the DECO designs are gorgeous and fun to boot to complete my summer look. Each season provides something different for me and I can see these leading the line to my collection of Ringke designs that may hopefully be added in the future.

for iPhone 7 :


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for iPhone 7 Plus :


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