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XZ Premium Design Review & Sony Xperia XZ Premium Case Recommendation

Sony’s Challenge for Premium

Ultra fast 960 shootable frame! Armed with brilliant camera performance! Smooth design!

Sony’s top of the line smartphone, Xperia XZ Premium has finally been released and available for pre-order.

Xperia XZ Premium was announced at World Mobile Congress 2017 (WMC 2017) back in February of this year. However, the XZ Premium was continuously delayed due to supply issues with the Snapdragon 835 chipset and other internal demand problems.

Sony’s Design DNA with an Artisan Spirit

Sony smartphone division has pursued a unique design and finally succeeded in bringing the Xperia XZ Premium. The beautifully shimmering chrome reflects the charm of this old-fashioned smartphone and it boasts a very classic aesthetic as a whole.

xz premium 1xz premium 2The color that changes drastically with the light enhances the appeal of Xperia XZ Premium

xz premium 3xz premium 4On the side, you can see there are camera button, fingerprint recognition button (power button) and volume button in order.

xz premium 5Xperia XZ Premium adopts USB-C type port to enhance convenience.

xz premium 63.5-pie earphone jack on the top right


Ringke Fusion Design Gives More Luxury Look

The phone case is an essential component in nowadays since all the smartphones cost more than TV price.

If you are looking for a phone case, why not purchase Ringke case that will keep the XZ Premium design intact?

Ringke’s enhanced technology not only gives a unique clear quality, but it also protects smartphones from strong impacts.

xz premium case 1Hole caps are designed for impeccable perfect fit

xz premium case 23.5 Pai Earphone jack and USB-C type hole have separate cap to prevent dust from entering.

xz premium case 3xz premium case 4Sturdy strap hole on the side.

xz premium case 5Ringke Fusion is designed to prevent shocks while it gives perfect fit.


If you purchased the luxury Xperia XZ Premium, feel more value through purchasing luxury case!

Experience Ringke’s high technology through Xperia XZ Premium! 


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If you are also a big fan of Sony Xperia XZ / XZs and need a new case or want to check out the reviews, you can click the link below and check it out.



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