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4 Major Mobile News for June Covered by Ringke

 1. Apple WWDC 2017 News

apple-wwdc-2017-homepod-speaker-3964Apple’s Smart Speaker ‘Homepod’  /

Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) 2017 was held on Monday, June 5th

There were rumors that a new version of the iPhone SE would be released. However, no announcement was made on the new smartphone. Nonetheless, the main news revolved around updates of the current existing product lines.

Specifically, Apple revealed the release of the updated OS for Apple TV, Apple Watch 4, MAC OS 10.13, and iOS11. On the hardware side, minor updates were made on the MacBook 2017 version, Macbook Pro, iMac Pro and iPad Pro.

The most remarkable news is in respect to Apple releasing of the “Home Pod”, an artificial intelligence home speaker. This Home Pod is expected to compete with Amazon Echo and Google Home.

2. Release of Oppo R11

Finally, the latest smartphone from Chinese manufacturer OPPO has been released. OPPO R11 is a mid-range smartphone that features an outward design that resembles the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. It has launched in China on June 10th.

OPPO R11 comes equipped with a 5.5 AMOLED FHD display and a 20MP front facing camera. OPPO has decided to go with the recently announced Snapdragon 660 as the processor.

The price range is around $485, and the release date has not yet been announced for other countries.

3. Huawei Honor 9 is expected to be released on June 12th.


Huawei’s Premium smartphone, Honor 9 is scheduled to released on June 12th.

Unlike other Chinese manufacturers, Huawei Honor 9 is being extremely active in overseas sales in other countries. The industry is paying attention to Huawei Honor 9 and wondering how much sales Honor 9 can be achieved.



Honor 9 not only takes advantage of having a full HD resolution 5.15 display and Kirin 960 chipset, but also comes with improved features of dual 20MP and 12 P cameras. Great for people who are obsessed with selfies!

After an official announcement on June 12th in Shanghai, there will be an additional publish event, which will be held in Berlin, Germany on June 27th.


 4. OnePlus 5 will be released on June 20th.


OnePlus 5, a smartphone known for its causticity, will be released through online on June 20th.

Just like OPPO R11, OnePlus 5 also features design that resembles the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. OnePlus 5 will also be powered by snapdragon 835 and will come with dual 12 MP camera.

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