Ringke Square Ring: ‎Full 360° Rotation Kickstand Ring


Smart ring … the new trend
No need to hesitate because of the price!

With increasing number of smartphone users, more users are struggling to operate their smartphones with one hand. The smart ring is an innovative product that reduces this inconvenience. However, many people find this gadget over priced for the functions it provides. Ringke Square Ring provides multiple functions and high quality with reasonable price.

Solid and firm

The biggest advantage of Ringke Square Ring is the excellent quality of the rotating body.
The low-profile smart ring, which is assembled very firmly. Carefully designed to rotate smoothly with no loose parts.

Ringke Square Ring offers the original function and much more. Ringke designed smart ring based on common complaints. The adhesion of the ring can hold an external power supply that weighs around three times more than usual weight of average smartphone device.

We have increased the function of the smart ring based on strong adhesion.
If you do not have enough hands to hold your smartphone, why not try Ringke Square Ring with confidence? Upgrade your smartphone with smartphone stand, wall mount, and a car mount.

When you do not have enough hands to house your smartphone

Use as a smartphone stand

Wall-mount smartphone holder (exclusive ringke holder optional)

Use as a car holder (exclusive ringke holder optional)

Ringke Square Ring


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