Galaxy S7 Edge Black Case Review

Galaxy S7 Edge meets the black case

Color has a big impact on the purchase of smartphones.
According to Ringke’s survey, the Galaxy S7 Edge, which has recently increased its sales volume, has a very high level of color inquiries.

If you want to choose the most luxurious color among 7 colors of Galaxy S7, I would suggest the black pear color.
The charm of shining Black, which started with the iPhone 7 Jet Black, is attracting consumers around the globe.


Glorious black that shines beautifully

The Shadow Black color case is a luxury case that boasts a fantastic compatibility with the Galaxy S7 Edge Black Pearl.
Unlike the low-cost cases that only follow the black color, it is designed to show a stylish black color with a special coating.

It is carefully designed to deliver a perfect fit.
It completely protects the rear camera.
Four rear guards are located on the rear edge to protect the glossy black color from various scratches

Perfect protection for your smartphone

The Ringke Fusion Shadow Black Color Case is perfectly made to withstand various scratches. It not only protects the front and rear, it also has a strong scratch resistant finish.

Ringke Fusion Shadow Black side view
Ringke Fusion Shadow Black side view – 2
Ringke Fusion Shadow top view
Ringke Fusion Shadow Black bottom view/ Hole cap prevents dust from entering

Shop Ringke Fusion Shadow Black


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  1. Hello, we highly recommend to use case friendly screen protectors for optimal fitting since we can’t guarantee all third party screen protectors due to different sizes and shapes.



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