Ringke Case Review

Galaxy S7 Edge Case Recommendation


Although the world is focused on March 29th because Galaxy S8 is open to the public, Galaxy S7 Edge is the only smartphone that has been released for the past one year, and it has been recognized again by MWC 2017 for the ‘Best Smartphone Award’ given by the Global Mobile Operators Association (GSMA)

With its solid basic performance and excellent design, Galaxy S7 Edge is the best device being loved, and this stunning Galaxy S7 Edge is getting more and more popular at a more affordable price these days.

There are also a lot of inquiries on Galaxy S7 Edge as well as the recently released LG G6.

More than 3 million sold worldwide

Ringke Fusion is a proven case sold more than 3 million worldwide.
Ringke’s design team’s meticulous design and technology has been merged into the case since 2003.

Especially, Galaxy S7 Edge Ringke Fusion offers tailored fit and the grip is excellent and it provides the satisfying experience.

Ringke Fusion Frontview
Ringke Fusion Frontview
Ringke Fusion Front Bottom View
Precision Tailor cut offers perfect fit
Ringke Fusion Front Bottom View
 Raised bezel offers solid protection

Solid camera protection &
Design that shines with transparency

The excellent protection of Ringke fusion and the transparency that is different from that of the water is also melting into the Galaxy S7 Edge Ringke fusion. It protects your smartphone even more safely and safely. It also has the advantage of preserving the edge design with its unique transparency.
Check out the awesome product details from the Ringke New Media team’s rear detail photos!

Ringke Fusion Rear View
Detailed design offers anti-slip grip

 9.jpg 10.jpg

Optimal design that emphasizes the edge

Ringke has further improved the design’s completeness with the optimal side design that further enhances ‘Edge’.
The sturdy strap hole and Ringke’s easy-press technology further enhances the satisfaction.
See the Ringke Fusion Case for the ultimate in detail right now!

Ringke Fusion Sideview 
Ringke Fusion Bottom / Dust caps to keep dust away

Ringke Fusion Galaxy S7 Edge Case


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