Ringke Case Review

Protect your LG G6 with Ringke Fusion! G6 Case Recommendation


G6 official release

March 10 G6 was officially released.
There are multiple great features that consumers are more interested than ever.
In fact, LG G6 was pre-ordered over 10,000 units a day during the period of reservation sales.

LG G6 is rated almost perfect, but one thing is that the risk of breakage has increased sharply. Because the front and back sides are made of glass material, if you drop it, you will face a devastating result.

Purchasing a case that safely protects the G6 from various shocks and hazards seems to have become a necessity, not an option.

Different level of clarity. Ringke Fusion.


Ringke Fusion is the best selling case of Ringke that sold over 3 million units worldwide.
Ringke Fusion has been loved by many customers around the globe because of their unique transparency. The amazing clarity of technology has been incorporated into the Ringke fusion G6 case.
Discover the incredible clarity of Ringke Fusion now!

Ringke Fusion rear view / different level of clarity will bring you the best experience
Ringke Fusion side view / Easy-press technology add the convenience
Ringke Fusion side view / The strap has been carefully designed to prevent drops
Ringke Fusion bottom view / Hole cap helps keep dust away from your device


Utilizing the design of G6 with excellent fit


The Ringke Fusion is created to maintain the original design of the G6 with the careful design of the Ringke team.
Implemented through professional measurement equipment. The perfect fit that sticks is also an exceptional advantage of Ringke Fusion.

It has excellent protection ability with the optimum thickness, and it delivers the excellent feeling as if you are using a cell phone without a case.


Minimized watermark effect

The smudge-like watermark is the biggest problem in many cases.
Especially, G6 Astro Black has a disadvantage that it is vulnerable to watermark.
Ringke Fusion G6 case has dot matrix pattern technology to minimize this watermark.
Dot matrix pattern technology adopted for LG G6 Ringke Fusion. (area marked in red)

Ringke LG G6 Case


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