Worldwide Developers Conference 2017 – Apple


Apple recently sent out the invitation for WWDC 2017. The event is planned to be held from June 5th to 9th at San Jose California. WWDC 2017 will be much different from the previous WWDC events according to the rumors on media.

1. Place

Apple has organized most of previous WWDC meetings in San Francisco, but this year, it will be organized at San Jose, CA which is much closer to Apple’s Building.

2. Invitation

Apple regularly sends out the invitation a week or two before the WWDC event, but this year, they sent invitations out around four months before the actual WWDC date. It seems like they are trying to get heated attention out of WWC 2017 Spain because a handful of manufacturer’s are releasing their new flagship devices.

Many people want to know how you can qualify to attend this event. In order to attend WWDC:

1. $1,599 USD for ticket
2. You need to win Apple’s raffle ticket.

After you apply for the raffle, you have to win in order to attend this event.

3. What will Apple introduce at WWDC 2017


– Mac OS
– Watch OS
– Tv OS
– iOS 11

Apple iPhone’s 10 year anniversary is coming up and rumors say that Apple might be planning on surprise release for iPhone 8 but the possibility is very low. Hopefully, users will be able to use upgraded iOS sometime this year.

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