MWC 2017 – What to Expect


As a mobile accessory company, it is extremely important to collect as much information as possible for the new phones that are planned to be released. MWC (Mobile World congress) is one of the biggest events that Ringke is interested in at the moment. Despite the cancellation Samsung’s Galaxy S8 release event, enthusiasts are looking forward to the release event of LG, Nokia, Sony, and etc.

1. LG (G6)


LG’s flagship model G6 is planned to be released on February 26th. LG is known for the detachable battery for their flagship models, but G6 will not sustain that feature anymore. Take a look at the specification for G6 below.

Display: 5.7 in (2880×1440)
CPU: Snapdragon821 (Most Likely)
Memory (RAM): 4GB or higher
Battery: 3200mA ~ 3300mA
Special Features: Water resistance, Splashproof, Dual-rear camera
Price: ~ $900

LG G6 Caseamazon


2. Huawei (P10 / P10 Plus)


Huawei scheduled on the same day as LG for the P10 release. Their collaboration work with Leica on P10 is gathering attention around the globe.

These are the specifications for P10 that are confirmed so far

Display: 5.2 in QHD (2880×1440)
CPU: Kirin 960
Memory: 4Gb or higher
Battery: 3100mA
Special Features: Leica Collaborated Dual Camera
Price: starting ~ $570

Huawei P10 Caseamazon


Specifications for P10 Plus that are confirmed

Display: 5.5 in QHD (2880 x 1440)
CPU: Kirin 965
Memory: 4Gb or higher
Battery: 3650 mA
Special Features: Leica Collaborated Dual Camera
Price: starting ~ $820

Huawei P10 Plus Caseamazon

3. Sony


Sony will be releasing multiple devices at once. As of now, we are expecting three to five devices. This will include Xperia’s flagship devices as well as low-cost models. Also, they will be introducing a phone that is most suitable for the virtual reality feature.

Sony’s new flagship model Yoshino’s specification

Display: 5.5 in 4K (3840 x 1260)
CPU: Snapdragon 835 or Snapdragon 821
Memory: 4GB Ram or higher
Camera: Sony IMX400 sensor
Special feature: advanced virtual reality

4. Nokia (Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 3310)


Nokia will be introducing new devices at MWC. Nokia’s 3310 model was well known previously as “indestructible” device, and this year Nokia is coming back with the new smartphone designs

Nokia 5 Specification

Display: 5.2 in HD (1280×720)
CPU: Snapdragon 430
Memory: 2GB RAM
Camera: 12MP (Rear)
Special Feature: Low Price, Designed using metal
Price: ~$200

5. Others

Motorola G5, G5 Plus


Motorola’s new flagship device G5 & G5 Plus


Display: 5.5 in FHD (1920×1080)
CPU: Snapdragon 430
Memory: @FB Ram or higher
Camera: 12 MP (Rear) / 5MP (Front)
Special Features: Fingerprint, Water Resistance
Price: ~$260.00



Blackberry’s Mercury will keep their signature keyboard with the new model as well.


Display: 4.5in
CPU: Snapdragon 821 or Snapdragon 625
Battery: 3400mA
Special Feature: Keyboard, Android OS

Asus Zenfone 3 Go


Asus Zenfone Go Specifications

Display: 5.0 in HD (1280×720)
CPU: Snapdragon 410
Memory: 2GB RAM
Camera: 13MP (Front) 5MP (Front)
Special Feature: Low-cost / metal body
Price: ~$200

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