Ringke Case Review

Ringke [Signature] Case Review: Luxury Wallet Case



Looking for a wallet case?


Not everyone prefers a wallet type phone cases due to heavy weight and the thickness that brings inconvenience for daily use, but some like the fact that you only need to carry one thing in your wallet or purse.

There are the variety of wallet cases in the market, but it is safe to say that the “Ringke Signature” has the most advanced quality and features.

1. Detailed features designed to accommodate users needs.

Clean finish around the handset area. (Left: Front view / Right: inside view)


Ringke Signature offers the clean finish. It is hard to even spot the cuts at the end.



Many users complain about the low-cost wallet cases with the edge part that does not have the clean finish like Ringke Signature’s edge.

2. 100% Real Leather Top to Bottom



Ringke Signature is made of 100% genuine leather. Precisely tailored cut offers a clean look, especially around the handset area.


Ringke Signature has a thinner part of the folding area. This feature offers a completely different experience from low-cost wallet cases that stays open with a gap when you take them out of your pocket or purse. Ringke Signature will close and open with least effort.

9.gifWater does not absorb into Ringke Signature


3. Detailed features meets simple design



Ringke Signature has two card slots and pocket for cash and receipts.


Rear side provides a simple design with the sliding holder for camera use.

Ringke Signature has 3 variations. Black, Navy, Brown. If you are looking for a quality wallet case, get your Ringke Signature today!

Left: Front view / Right: Ringke Signature Black
Left: Ringke signature Navy / Right: Ringke Signature Brown


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