Ringke Case Review

Ringke Paracord Wrist Strap

Never Drop Your Device Again: Ringke Paracord Wrist Strap


Have you ever dropped your mobile device? If the answer is yes, I am sure you are familiar with a “mini-heart attack” you get after the drop.

Numerous people use their mobile device outside while doing various activities, and It is known for a fact that 80% of the mobile phone damages come from dropping.


Is it possible to be completely worry-free from dropping you devices? Yes, today we will introduce you the excellent drop protection “Ringke Paracord Wriststrap”.



“Put it around your wrist, and you will never worry again.”



Ringke’s Paracord Wriststrap is made out of material also used in a parachute and emergency rescue ropes. They can hold up to 550 lbs of weight and toughness is well known for rescuing people’s lives around the globe every day.

If you are someone that live in a busy urban area or you like to attend events with a large crowd, I am sure you have dropped your phone at least once from people walking into you while you are walking with your mobile device in your hand, and you will never worry about the situations like that now.


  • No worries even if your device slips off your hand.

“Ringke offers a variety of designs and top quality paracord wrist strap.”

If you a bad experience with old paracord with tacky designs and bad product quality, Please take a look at Ringke’s wrist strap. There are total six different colors and designs, and they can match your fashion status as well.



Take a look at the quality of these wrist straps. As you can see Ringke’s Paracord and hold a DSLR camera that is about 4~5 times heavier than a regular smartphone.


  • Ringke’s paracord wrist strap can even hold heavy DSLR cameras.

Give it a shot with Ringke’s paracord wrist strap.

Paracord wrist strap is compatible with any devices and especially great with Ringke phone cases. If you are worried about the “made in china” case snapping into pieces, I would recommend using straps along with Ringke phone cases.


Don’t forget! Ringke Paracord Wrist Strap.


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