Ringke Case Review

Finally, The time has come. Introducing Ringke Fusion for Xperia XZ

Wait no more. The case you’ve been searching for is here.

As a leading company in cell phone accessory industry, Ringke created countless cases for the variety of cell phone models. Even with such experience, Ringke design team scrupled to decide on Xperia XZ because of extreme difficulty to create a case without covering the original design of Xperia XZ.

It’s been said that Xperia XZ has the all-time best design from Sony Xperia line. Through multiple designs and samples, Ringke design team was able to create a case that fits the device like a glove.

Ringke Fusion for Sony Xperia XZ. Let’s take a look.

1.jpgRingke Fusion Clear rear view

Ringke Fusion Clear front view

Mesmerizing mixture between curved lines and straight lines

First obstacle design team ran into was creating a case that can bring out the curved sides while emphasizing straight top and bottom of the device.

Xperia XZ offers distinctive design different from iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge. Facing the unfamiliar design, it took much more effort and time for the Ringke team to come up with the design that retains the original design of the Xperia XZ while providing the maximum protection.

8.jpg 9.jpg

10.jpg 12.jpg
Xperia XZ Ringke Fusion power button side (L), left side of the device (R)

11.jpg 13.jpg
Xperia XZ Ringke Fusion bottom (L) and top (R)


Fresh Visual and Durable Protection

Ringke brought the refreshing design without giving up the protection. Detailed protection for the camera lens and four raised corner guards on the rear surface protects the case from getting scratched across the flat surface.

Detailed design that protects the camera lens

Four corner guards raise the protect the rear side of the case from daily scratches

Xperia XZ fits like a glove.

Design offers easy access to the fingerprint scanner


Ringke offers three different color variation for Xperia XZ. Clear, Smoke Black, and Rose Gold. Take a look.

Ringke Fusion Smoke Black front view

Ringke Fusion Smoke Black rear view

Ringke Fusion Rose Gold front view

Ringke Fusion Rose Gold rear view




Ringke Fusion Case for Xperia XZ 


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