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LG’s G6 & Snapdragon 821? Leaked Image and Expectations.


LG G6 release event invitation (LG announced G6 release date is set for the day before MWC)


“About a month until MWC”


Mobile World Congress (MWC) is launching end of this February, and all the wireless phone companies around the globe are getting involved.

Although Samsung Galaxy S8 was planned to be released during MWC, it was dropped due to a delay. Since the cancellation, competing companies are trying to benefit from this occurrence.

LG particularly is getting much attention from followers worldwide. LG’s new device, G6 will include

  1. Water Resistant, Dustproof Feature
  2. Slim Bezel
  3. Dual Camera
  4. Integrated Metal Design

LG is known for replaceable batteries but it seems like they had to give it up for the water resistant feature and integrated design. Considering those facts, the changes of G6 are receiving negative opinions.

Previously, LG’s smartphones were well known for short battery life and repetitive device restart problems. Hopefully, these problems will be cleared out for LG’s all new G6.

Will G6 save LG mobile from their deficit? We will be going over the possibilities in this article.


“#1 Not a rendering.
Genuine device photo leak”


G6’s front view image was leaked through a Chinese IT blogger (i冰宇宙). Some of the details were not visible in original rendering image. 5.7 in display fitted between the thin bezels. Unlike LG’s flagship models, they did not use plastic for G6. You can also spot the refined smooth finish with glass and metal.



G6’s front view image leaked by Chinese IT blogger i冰宇宙.  ©Weibo


“High expectation of design becoming reality”


According to several IT sources, display of the G6 takes 90% of the front surface. The battle between bezel-less Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG is getting much recognition from enthusiasts.



“#2 G6’s heart Snapdragon 821?”



Snapdragon 835 (Expected to be equipped with Samsung Galaxy S8. Image Source: Qualcomm)



Snapdragon 821 (Expected to be equipped with LG G6. Image Source: Qualcomm)


According to LG, G6 will be equipped with Snapdragon 821 instead of Snapdragon 835 that came out most recently.

Snapdragon 821 was used in Google Pixel which was released in October of 2016.



Google Pixel equipped with Snapdragon 821. Flagship smartphone by Google received recognition for the quality. (Image Source:


Although Snapdragon 821 is a great processor, numerous enthusiasts desire newer processor. There are two reasons why LG chose Snapdragon 821 over 835.

First, Snapdragon 835’s exclusive production for Samsung Galaxy s8 already shows the shortage for LG.

In order of LG to release LG G6 with Snapdragon 835, they will have to delay the release to after April of this year. As an underdog, LG needs to release earlier to maximize sales in the market, but releasing after April would bring disappointing results.

Second reason is LG’s dark history from G Flex 2. At the time, receiving 4 awards from CES, self-healing feature, and flexible display, G Flex 2 was getting recognition worldwide until Snapdragon 810 problems were discovered.


Despite the popularity, Snapdragon 810’s failure brought numerous complaints. (Image Source:


Overheating and severe programming error brought the title “Useless Phone” to LG’s G Flex 2.

Since the Note 7 incident, the safety became an important factor for mobile devices. Instead of focusing on new snapdragon 835, LG is leaning more toward Snapdragon 821.

“Will G6 succeed? Will LG resurrect?”


As a mobile accessory related business, Ringke collects more information and device details than any other companies. A big portion of the industry doubts the future of LG Smartphone because of previous problems, but as we get more information about LG’s G6, many competitors are intimidated. Great design and benefits from competitors’ mistakes are leaving LG with higher expectations.

iPhone’s Camera issues, Google Pixel’s audio issues, and Samsung Note 7’s Explosion. From the mistakes of other competitors, the expectation for LG G6 is getting higher.


Will G6 bring LG back to life?

“Yes, only if they don’t make any mistakes…”

We will be back with more news regarding G6. Thank you for reading.



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