Galaxy S8 + E-Ink? Samsung Flip Cover with E-Ink Display Patented.

“Samsung Does it Different??”


Today we got breaking news regarding Samsung.
January 18th, Samsung applied for a patent on “Hybrid Screen Smart Cover”.

If you are wondering what is “Hybrid Screen Smart Cover” (aka E-Ink Case), please stay tuned.

“1. What is it? “

What is “Hybrid Screen Smart Cover”? According to the patent details released,
1. The wireless phone cover case that allows you to access and control your phone while the cover is still over on.
2. The cover is powered by E-Ink technology.

E-Ink technology caught users’ attention when YotaPhone was released from Russia not too long ago. Power saving and visibility are the main advantages of E-Ink technology.

Take a look at the blueprint below.
(L) Side 1 (marked in red), (R) Side 2 (marked in blue)
Images from Korean Intellectual Property Office

Side 1 on the left goes on the rear side of a device and Side 2 on the right side goes to the front of a device to cover the screen.

Perhaps a Samsung YotaPhone?

Upgraded E-Ink technology cover case would be a better way to put it.

“2. Will it be released?”

Information provided was released through Korean International Patent Office, and at this point, there’s no guarantee that this case will be released, but Galaxy S8 release date is not too far ahead and enthusiasts are paying full attention.

This case will include Samsung’s radio frequency technology, TX processing circuitry, and its own OS for the display.

“Hybrid Screen Smart Cover” (aka E-Ink Case)
Images from Korean Intellectual Property Office


One factor that is not included in the patent detail is the power supply. So far, we are assuming that the case will be powered using the NFC technology through the rear side of the device.

*E-Ink display will offer touchscreen experience as well*


“3. Will this case be popular?”

Yes, the most convenient fact about this case display is that most of the smartphones have issues with short battery life. Using E-Ink display will expand the battery life far more than the standard display systems.

E-Ink Display offers excellent visibility even under the bright daylight.

Mobile phone users that consider phone battery as one of the deciding factors would most definitely love this case.

Most known example of E-Ink, Amazon Kindle
Images from


To be exact, there were similar cases previously in the market for Galaxy S6.

E-Ink case manufactured for Galaxy S6
Images from

Despite the great idea, this case had several problems regarding programming. Unfortunately, they did not make it very far.

Will Samsung’s E-Ink case be different?

Yes, we are expecting better design, advanced experience, and smooth finish from Samsung.

We will be posting more articles regarding E-Ink Case.

Thank you for reading.


Images from Korean Intellectual Property Office,, Waybec Htcase


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