Ringke Case Review

Born for iPhone 7 Jet Black! Glossy Black Case: Ringke Shadow Black


Rear view of iPhone 7 with all new Ringke Fusion Shadow Black


For those of you having a hard time deciding which case is a fit for your new iPhone 7 Jet black


Apple iPhone 7 Jet Black is a game changer.

According to Apple, it offers the beauty of pure black color with smoothness. After a huge success, competitors are releasing glossy black finish for some of their devices as well.

Despite the fact that glossy finish is a scratch magnet, it’s surprisingly popular.

Even with so many case companies working to bring out the beauty of original jet black design, it is rare to see a case that can fully show off the natural design and color of iPhone 7 Jet black.

Today, all your struggles to find a perfect case for iPhone 7 Jet Black ends.

Introducing Ringke Fusion Shadow Black



Rear view of Ringke Fusion Shadow Black


Inside view of Ringke Fusion Shadow Black

Ringke Fusion Case for Apple iPhone 7 


Ringke Fusion Case for Apple iPhone 7 Plus





Ringke Fusion Shadow Black is manufactured with glossy black coating technology to emphasize the original beauty of Jet Black.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the logo cut for the Apple logo. Perfect protection for the camera lens with lifted four corners that prevent your device from those frustrating surface scratches. This case has everything it takes to protect your iPhone 7.



Ringke Fusion Shadow Black’s front view


Well-designed protection for the camera lens that bulges outwards


Raised corner rear guards provide protection from getting scratched across the flat surface


Starting from the power button to volume buttons, you can tell how much thought was put in to create this masterpiece. Without missing a single spot, Ringke Fusion will protect your iPhone 7 from top to bottom.

We have added lanyard attachment points as a small gesture to provide a better user experience. Rounded TPU sides provide even better grip.


You can easily access all buttons on iPhone 7.


Laser precise cutouts for perfectly aligned speaker grills and charging port for the ultimate experience


No More Struggles


Design shouldn’t be the only deciding factor when choosing a case. The main purpose is to protect your device. 30 million people are already using Ringke products, and they know what they are doing.

From visuals to protection, Ringke Fusion offers the best experience for your iPhone 7

We offer a wide range of color variations. Clear, Ink Black, Rose Gold, and Smoke Black,  you name it we got it!



Ringke Fusion Clear


Ringke Fusion Ink Black 


Ringke Fusion Rose Gold 


Ringke Fusion Smoke Black 


Ringke Fusion Case for Apple iPhone 7 


Ringke Fusion Case for Apple iPhone 7 Plus



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