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New Rival of Samsung Mobile and Apple iPhone? Huawei Mate 9’s Design and Camera Review.




Huawei took another step closer to title of premium wireless phone brand. Not long ago, Huawei surprised the industry by collaborating with Leica to create P9 which sold over 10 million worldwide.

Recently, Huawei collaborated with Leica and Porche to create Mate 9. Mate 9 includes all new Huawei Kirin 960 Octa-Core Processor, 5.9in FHD display, and 4000mah Battery which are the most wanted features that wireless device users are looking for today.

Launching in U.S. puts Huawei into a test to see if Mate 9 actually qualify as worldwide premium wireless device.



Design provides reinforced masculine looks

The first impression of Huawei Mate 9 is very slick. Matte finish metal body provides solid and slim looks.

Considering a 5.9 inch large screen, Huawei did an excellent job on slim bezel allowing users to easily grip around the device.

The downside is that the centered camera lens that sticks out which could be damaged during everyday use.


Corners emphasize slick design with glossy finish.


Considering the large screen, the slim bezel provides advanced experience.


Rear camera sticks out a little bit.
* Ringke’s lifted rear corner guards prevent camera lens from getting scratched against flat surface.

Ringke Fusion Case for Huawei Mate 9


Collaboration with Leica = No explanation needed

Mate 9’s camera quality is advanced enough to compete with other global brands’ devices such as Samsung Galaxy S7 and Apple iPhone 7.

Mate 9’s camera includes 20 MP mono-crop camera and 1.2MP RGB camera. This dual camera feature allows users to take clear photos even in the dark without much noise anytime anywhere.

Mate 9’s camera allows you to focus on certain target without any difficulty, but the brightness in lens iris limits it’s camera from providing much better images.



Object photo comes out vibrant and clear.


Even with small amount of light, camera provides high quality photo.




You can get fairly clean shots even during night time.




Blurry light is one of the downsides.


Provides clear details even with dark surroundings.


Due to the larger camera aperture, it is difficult to capture lights without looking blurry.



“Features and Product Quality”


Mate 9 is one of the industry’s leading devices right now. Mate 9 got a great review on processing high graphic games and VR contents as well.


Unlike Oppo and Vivo, which has similar design to iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, Huawei has their own distinctive design completely different from other wireless devices.


Although Mate 9 provides multiple advanced features, it’s missing some of the important features such as waterproof or splash-proof feature that can be found in devices like Samsung Galaxy S7.

Mate 9 is priced around $600, and many users agree that it’s overpriced for the features that come with the device.

Huawei states that Mate 9 is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa, but the quality of the experience is yet questionable.



Compare to Galaxy S7, Mate9’s rear camera bulges out quite a bit.


“Future of Huawei”


Huawei has grown very fast recently. The company grew by 42% compare to their previous year.


Despite the expectation, Oppo took the bestselling rank in China this quarter. It seems like Huawei still has quite a bit to catch up.


It is still questionable if Huawei will be able to settle with other premium wireless mobile companies at this point, but it is proven that Huawei got our attention with their Mate 9 release.


Ringke Fusion Case for Huawei Mate 9



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